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However, there are still some bugs, for example, when using 3D Preview, some times the image can not be loaded, or the 3D Preview can be closed too early, when the thumbnails is still in the progress. If you are still interested in using 3D Design Software, you can search the Internet to find a free 3D Design Software or there are some 3D Design Software sold at a reasonable price.Q: python strings return value I'm trying to get my values from two arrays and create a third one that has the values of two others put together. >>> x=['Jack', 'Queen', 'King', 'Ace'] >>> y=['5', '9', '3', 'A'] >>> z=[x[0], y[0], x[1], y[1]] >>> z [['Jack', '5'], ['Queen', '9'], ['King', '3'], ['Ace', 'A']] so the output I would like is 'Jack5Queen9King3AceA' but I'm getting ['Jack', '5', 'Jack', '5'] this is my code def random_card_order(x,y): z=[x[0], y[0], x[1], y[1]] for c in z: return c random_card_order(x,y) A: You're returning a list, not a string. Try this: def random_card_order(x, y): z = [] for c in x: z.append(c) for c in y: return ''.join(z) Q: how to remove ' ' from string in python I am trying to write a 'pickle' for my application. The data being pickled is a list of string which has some in it. I want to remove this ' ' and add it to the list again. But when i try to remove the and then add to the list again, it doesn't work. Can anyone tell me




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