A space for both working and entertaining

Brooklyn-based Dessislava Boneva, Principal at d s l v studio created this Functional and durable space in the heart of downtown NYC. The design included a surface application that was soft to the touch and mimicked the beautiful materials found in nature but that was infinitely more durable, an area that was not only the center of his entertainment space but a fully function work space.

Neolith® Zaha Stone model was chosen for the main surface of the island, in 12 mm thickness and in Silk finish. The delicate white veins of the material create a striking contrast next to the more dramatic, gray striations of Carrara-inspired Estatuario, selected for the sink area in 12mm. A sophisticated blend of muted, natural colors, together they create a fresh, calm atmosphere that encapsulates the essence of an upscale, 21st century New York residence. The combination of the two materials specified means the homeowner can do his work on the matte surface of the island, ensuring his laptop won’t slip, and do the dishes by the polished surface, where water can easily be wicked away. The overall result is a beautiful focal piece for the room, which can be used for dining, entertaining and as a spacious home office.

Neolith® can be used for a variety of indoor and outdoor applications, and is often specified by professional chefs for the kitchens in their restaurants and homes because of both its aesthetic qualities and its durability. Immune to stains and damage from knives, liquids and heat, the material requires minimal maintenance over the course of its life.

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